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Social Director/ Security Advisor -


After 25 years in retail management - the last year and a half juggling the demands of work with the care of a new puppy - I have put aside the corporate world to concentrate on my own enterprise. With FROLICKING FIDO, I combine my managerial skills with the knowledge that there are many other pet owners who, because of career demands and constraints, would be well served by a company which can provide for their pet's needs while they are away. I am fully dedicated to making sure that each pet is given the attention and time that it deserves. I understand how important it is to find someone who is focused on a pet’s needs. I also offer a variety of services which accommodate many schedules, locations, and situations, and have experience with a variety of different animals. I invite you to take advantage of the services which Frolicking Fido provides and look forward to meeting you and your pet!

"Frolicking Fido is one of the best investments we have ever made in helping with the growing of our dogs."

Owner/ Operator -

Tricia Priestly 

Amber & Taffy



"....I completely trust Tricia as she has shown reliability, integrity and devotion to my dog of 14 yrs...."

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